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Trusted by tens of millions of users worldwide, WordPress is the single most used content management system on the web, and it is easy to see why! With extreme stability, accessibility and customizability it allows you to make everything from a simple blog to a website like this. Atlantia Cloud offers packages specifically for this software to make its use even easier! 


Plans For Every Need

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Included With All Plans!

Increased CPU & RAM

To make sure your WordPress runs as well as possible, additional CPU and RAM has been reserved.

LiteSpeed Web Server

With one of the fastest web servers in the world, combined with a dedicated caching system and matching WordPress plugin, your WordPress will be blazing fast.

Free Let's Encrypt SSL

When doing business it is important that customers trust you, very few things impact trust as much as the nice green lock next to your website. By default your website will be assigned a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate so you and your customers can be sure their data is secure.

Unlimited Everything

Domain names, subdomains, e-mail accounts, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, you name it and we don’t restrict it! 


All WordPress packages can be maintained from cPanel, the world’s most used web hosting control panel in the world. cPanel combines ease of use with a great feature set and wide support.


With more than 280 scripts, you can easily expand your services beyond WordPress.

Hourly Back-Ups

Data is critical for your company, to make sure it is safe from everything from disaster to a small typo we back-up your account every hour to an external server. You can always restore entire accounts and individual files from cPanel. Back-ups are kept 31 days.


Fast and reliable webhosting is great, but it needs to be safe too. All WordPress packages are protected by Immunify360, this suite includes a malware scanner and cleanup, advanced Web Application Firewall with machine learning, intrusion detection and protection, proactive defence for PHP websites, software patch management and a webshield with integrated captcha.

Free SiteLock Lite Security

In addition to the on-server security and back-up precautions, all accounts are granted SiteLock Lite for free for additional security.

Why Choose WordPress Hosting?

Trusted by the internet, the potential of WordPress is near infinite, while it can run on any webhosting there are reasons to choose for Atlantia Cloud WordPress Hosting specifically. Those reasons are outlined here.

Maximum Synergy

Greater Performance and More Consistent Experiences


WordPress’ codebase and the optimized configuration of the LiteSpeed Web Server and LSCache system make sure your installation runs very fast, even with a lot of (dynamically generated) content.


The Atlantia Cloud infrastructure allows for dynamic scaling, in times of greater need additional resources can be dedicated to keep your WordPress going.


The staff of Atlantia Cloud has worked with WordPress for over a decade, we can provide targeted advice and aid for installations of all sizes.

Transfer Service

The WordPress Transfer Service is great when you already have a WordPress set up elsewhere but want to move to Atlantia Cloud WordPress hosting. As part of the service we move your old install to our own service and run the base optimization to make sure it will run as if it has always been here.

Optimization Service

The WordPress Optimization Service goes beyond the initial installation and basic setup of WordPress but actively consults with you on what you want to do with your WordPress and installs an array of plugins to make sure your WordPress is safe and runs well.


Claim Your Domain

.com $11.95/yr

.net $14.95/yr

.org $14.95/yr

.xyz $1.99/yr

.store $50.00/yr

.info $5.99/yr

.space $5.99/yr

.games $15.99/yr

.biz $5.99/yr

.eu $4.99/yr

.world $25.00/yr

.live $20.00/yr

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7/365 Support

Our experts stand ready to help you with any issue, you can submit a ticket at any hour of the day and can expect a speedy response.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Atlantia Cloud stands behind its products 100%, we are so confident in fact that we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

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