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Whether it’s for a family photo album or a major company website handling millions of visitors a month, at Atlantia Cloud we have got something perfect for you. 

Cloud Blue

Cloud Blue is our offering aimed at individuals and companies who need a great website but right now do not need the higher end (and more expensive) features of the Cloud Orange offering. While Cloud Blue is by no means a bad offering, it focuses more on opensource technology and has a slightly more relaxed back-up policy. Between the six packages Cloud Blue can be used for everything from very basic single page websites to advanced and highly demanding scripts that deal with a large number of visitors monthly.

Cloud Orange

Cloud Orange is our premium offering for those individuals and companies that can afford no compromises on their web services. Between the extremely fast web server, extensive security solution, 2-hourly back-ups and cPanel , your website gets the absolute best treatment it can. With a website running on Cloud Orange you can never make a mistake, which is also why we use it as our platform for our dedicated WordPress hosting and why it is the very same platform this website runs on.

Registered and hosted in the European Union, Atlantia Cloud fully complies with the extensive privacy legislation. We are proud to be fully GDPR compliant!

Our experts stand ready to help you with any issue, you can submit a ticket at any hour of the day and can expect a speedy response.

Atlantia Cloud stands behind its products 100%, we are so confident in fact that we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.


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