Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Latinum Slip and the paid packages?

Beyond the lower storage and bandwidth, the packages are virtually the same in all but one element. The Latinum Slip package is hosted on our Cloud Blue platform whereas the paid packages are hosted on Cloud Orange. For pretty much every roleplaying site this isn’t a major difference at all, but Cloud Orange does come with a few more features and Enterprise-focused software.

Finally the paid packages will remain active as long as you pay for them, with Latinum Slip if your website sees no noticeable traffic over a period of five months a member of staff will reach out. If there is no improvement for another month, the hosting will be terminated and the most recent back-up sent to you. This is to preserve the finite resources of the server and make sure that dead sites don’t take those resources from potential active ones.

Beyond this free is free, we do not expect any credit, referrals or advertisements. This is our way of giving to the roleplay community.

What is considered a roleplaying group?

As any member of the community will say, defining what exactly constitutes roleplay is a difficult thing. For the purposes of Atlantia Cloud and thus which communities are eligible for our Roleplay Hosting we use the following standard.

A roleplaying group:

  1. is a not for profit group that through collaborative writing and storytelling seek to create new stories, or
  2. is an individual who tells a story on their own that has heavy overlap with the types of stories produced by groups, or
  3. is a group engaged in some kind of roleplaying community in non-traditional media such as MMORPGs.

All three of these groups are eligible for our Roleplay hosting packages and will generally benefit more from the higher tier Roleplaying packages than the paid general shared hosting packages.

Customers that do not fit one of these three requirements may not order the Roleplay hosting packages. Instead we recommend either our Cloud Blue or Cloud Orange offerings that are specifically designed for more general use.

Do you sponsor groups?

The question to this answer is not simple, it depends. While Atlantia Cloud is not a charity, we do acknowledge that together with sims groups are the bedrock of the community. As such we may in some cases be willing to sponsor the on-line presence of your group and/or offer special perks to your member writing groups. An example of this is our ongoing special offer for members of the 22nd Fleet.

If you would like to inquire about sponsorship, please contact us to pitch your idea and work out the details.

What is Reseller Access?

In hosting there are different kinds of packages, the normal cloud or shared hosting is intended for one or a few websites that you maintain yourself. In some cases however you may want to sell your own hosting services, or if you run a writing group you may want to provide free hosting for your members. With Reseller Access you can essentially create new hosting accounts freely. As all those accounts run on the same platform as our own packages, you will benefit from all the work we have done on the technical side of things. 

Latinum Brick, as it is reasonably most suited for (larger) groups or hosting companies, had these features unlocked.

Why does Atlantia Cloud have Roleplay packages?

The founder of Atlantia Cloud has a long history in the roleplaying community and recognized the fundamental challenge that running a group within the community can be. Beyond that while many people love to write, few have the technical know-how to set things up. Atlantia Cloud’s Roleplay Hosting consists of packages specifically designed with the needs of the average group in mind. Starting with the Latinum Slip package for those just starting out up to the Latinum Brick package which can service entire communities, all at competitive rates. With our installation services added onto these, a new starting Game Master has nothing to worry about beyond getting their group to grow and to write. Atlantia Cloud will be there with them the entire way.

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