The pretty green lock. In just a few years it has gone from something restricted to your bank, or some online store, to nearly every website. In the modern internet, SSL is easily one of the most important things to give people confidence.

Since our very first day, Atlantia Cloud has been selling SSL certificates through DigiCert. While their services have been reliable, the amount of products they offer and their relatively high prices have always been a bit unappealing. To counter this, there is a new challenger! Starting next week, we will be selling certificates through GoGetSSL.

GoGetSSL, just like DigiCert, offers certificates from multiple SSL providers. The amount of providers is much larger however and the prices lower. These savings will be directly translated to you as our own prices for certificates will be lower,

To ease the transition, the purchase of certificates through DigiCert has been disabled. For the moment, this means that you cannot order SSL certificates on the website. We will implement the new products in the next few days and from that point it will all work as it used to again.

Should you need SSL certificates in the meantime, we can still order them manually. In that case, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your support pin and the required domain. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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