Christmas trees, family dinner, free time and of course presents! It’s all part of Christmas. This year, Santa asked us to help him out and how could we say no to a fellow service provider?

Now, what better way is there to help out the greatest gift giver by giving away massive discounts on our high quality products? Because of this everyone can now get a 20% discount on any hosting product! Just enter SANTA2019 when checking out your order to get a recurring discount applied. Both for new and existing customers!

While discounts are great, getting more is even greater! This brings us to the Twelve Deals of Christmas, every day we will announce a new special product for a price befitting the season that will be available until January 10th. Be quick though, because after January 10th these unique one of a kind offers will be gone.

To start, we already have our very first deal. A Cloud Orange package with 40 GB Storage for only $12 per month! A massively reduced price from the next package up with 50 GB storage at $ 19.99 per month and with no compromises on any of its features. This limited time offering can be ordered immediately from here or you can check out it and future deals at our special Twelve Deals of Christmas website.

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