The sky is the limit, while the line itself maybe dated the meaning behind it definitely still applies. Over the past few months Atlantia Cloud has worked hard to get started and grow from an idea to a provider of reliable services to communities we love. With our website nearly complete and a workflow established, we must now look to the future. However, first a look at what we did so far.

Cloud Blue and Cloud Orange

Atlantia Cloud stands by the idea that if we are going to ask money for it. It needs to be high quality. It is the primary reasoning behind every choice we make, from which server to use to the software on it. As a result however, we realized that not all customers needed every single feature.

Because of this, we split up Shared Hosting into two distinct product groups. Each aimed for a specific kind of customer. Cloud Blue is our entry level hosting product, it brings excellent specifications for a very low price. Starting at $2.49 per month or $24.99 per year. Don’t let the price fool you though. The hosting comes with a state of the art control panel, one of the fastest web servers in the world and extensive security and of course daily back-ups.

Cloud Orange is for those customers looking for just that little bit more. Running the world’s most popular control panel, the enterprise version of the above mentioned web server. Hourly back-ups and specs aimed at the most demanding websites. In essence, everything you need so the stability of your website will never be a concern again. Starting at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, the cost here won’t exceed more than a few Frappuccino’s per month either.

Want to Join the Hosting Business Yourself?

Great at business but a bit more trouble with the technical side of things? No worries, we understand perfectly and we are here to help. With our Reseller Hosting packages your new business is set for success. Running on the exact same platform as Cloud Blue. You can rely on our optimized solution to bring your customers great products. You will be set for the future too, as every improvement to Cloud Blue will also be rolled out to you!

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the best pieces of software ever created. It powers an absolute enormous amount of websites and can basically be programmed to do anything. It is however also demanding and can be tricky to optimize. For those users who would rather have some help setting it up, we now have WordPress Hosting! WordPress Hosting is a set of packages that runs on Cloud Orange but comes with the software pre-installed and optimized to hit the ground running. Beyond the bespoke service, the platform itself has been optimized to make your WordPress website great with built-in caching solutions like LSCache. In short, if you want to join tens of millions of other websites, you’re at the right place here!

The Future: Cloud Servers

While we stand by our amazing shared hosting products. Sometimes, just no shared hosting solution is going to be just enough. Then, there are also those things that just don’t work on a server shared with others at all. For those customers, we have Cloud Servers. Cloud Servers bring all the good of owning your own server, but with the security and reliability of the cloud.

Cloud Servers by Atlantia Cloud run on enterprise virtualization software that is virtually indistinguishable from an actual machine. You get full root control and access, but with an easy to use control panel to manage your server and back-ups for if something goes wrong. One more advantage of Cloud Servers? You can easily scale them! A sudden high rise in visitors? Spin up a new server or expand your current one. A seasonal business? You can easily scale it down again too. Cloud Servers combine flexibility with security.

We are currently setting up the final systems and working out the final details, but expect Cloud Servers very soon!

The Future: Additional Support Channels

Between Discord and our own ticketing service and e-mail, there are already several ways to contact us. However, just like with our products we want to offer flexibility in service as well. To achieve that we are going to introduce customer support via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and live chat as well. Social media is the future, and by offering support through these channels we hope to reach even more users. Social media support is coming before the start of December.

The Future: Bespoke Services

You know best what you need. While our existing products will fulfill the needs of the absolute majority of customers, some people will have specific needs. Atlantia Cloud is there for them too. Because of this, we will introduce the ability to consult a member of the staff to discuss your plans and make a solution just for you. Whether it is a shared hosting product, reseller hosting or Cloud Server. We won’t even charge you a fortune for it.

The Sky is the Limit

As you can see, we are far from done. Stagnancy is the same as going backwards and we will always keep moving forwards. We will always keep reviewing what improvements can be made and what new services we can offer. For this, however, we also welcome your own feedback. What would you like to see? You may just come with something great we hadn’t thought of yet, and we are here for you.

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