Update 17-09-2019: This article was originally published in our client area, to maintain consistency it has been transferred to the new website. The article does not contain any news or changes from the original.


Hello everyone,

When creating Atlantia Cloud I did so to provide a new resource to the roleplay community. A truly free hosting solution with the quality of paid hosting so that your writing is the only thing you need to focus on. While the package was free on the end-user side however, nothing is truly free and Atlantia Cloud does need to pay for licenses to use the software as well as other costs of running a business. To date the plan was for packages with a larger amount of resources to cover the cost of those resources held by free hosting. This was possible as the amount charged for the software we use was essentially the same regardless of how many users we provided services to. As of last week this has unfortunately changes, cPanel Inc.(the company behind the control panel of the same name that is at the heart of our hosting) has decided to raise the prices on its licenses across the board, and more problematically tied the price to the amount of users on a server. This change means that every additional free user increases the costs of the control panel license.

Over the past week I have looked at alternate control panels and other ways of keeping the old system in place but the reality is that at this stage in the webhosting game, cPanel remains the best control panel and the one closest to it is owned by the same company so is likely also going so see licensing fees increased in the future.

This change has forced me to retire the Latinum Slip Roleplay Hosting package, this does not affect current customers. If you currently have this package, it will remain free. For all new orders there will be an annual fee of $ 3,00. This is the absolute minimum I could charge for the added license costs and Paypal processing fees.

This change only affects future purchases of the Latinum Slip package, any other promotions or special hosting packages for members of specific organizations will remain in place unchanged.

I am truly sorry that I can no longer offer free hosting to the entire simming community, though I do hope you all understand. Should an alternative present itself in the future that will allow me to offer free hosting for everyone again, I will implement it immediately.

As a final note, and repeated from above. This will not change anything for any currently active service using the old Latinum Slip package.

Yours sincerely,
Atlantia Cloud

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